Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review 1 - Starbucks Reserve: Sun Dried Ethiopia

This will be my first review and I will try to be doing coffee and whisky reviews as I thoroughly enjoy drinking both and both can have complexity in the nose and palette.
Today I will be reviewing Starbucks Reserve: Sun Dried Ethiopia.  This coffee is from Starbucks reserve line which releases specialty beans from different countries.  I have had this coffee in the past and I truly love it for its complex nose and flavor.  At $20.95 Canadian for 226g it is on the higher price range for most coffee drinkers.
As with most coffee I drink it has been prepared using filtered water and brewed in a French press.
The freshly ground coffee bring a nice note of fruit and tart.  Once brewed the scent of roasted beans takes place over the fruit bringing with it a floral note.
This brew is quite dark.  It creates a very dark brown coffee with a slight red hue that I don't normally see in most coffee.
Taste is slightly bitter and the acidity is low.  With some cream this brew opens up a little to bring out some of the fruity flavors.  I recommend not putting too much cream in this as it can dilute the flavor.  There is a slight wood note in there as well.  Most dark roasts are not very acidic this tends to be an exception.  I do find most dark roasted coffee tends to lose some of the beans natural flavor.  This one seems to be more intact and that makes it a very flavorful dark roast.
The finish lingers for a bit leaving traces a woody flavor.
This is one of my favorite coffee's dark and robust but still lively and acidic.  If you get a chance to pick one of these up at your local Starbucks give it a try!  Please note that not all Starbucks stores have the Starbucks Reserve line, make sure to check the Starbucks website to see if your local store has them in stock.

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